A letter to new staff from Chairman:

Welcome to join SINQI Company! It' s our great honor to cooperate with you. In the long time, we will work happily to complete joint mission based on our mutual trust and understanding.

Xingqi Pharm is a national torch new high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing, and sale of ophthalmic drugs. The company asks every staff to fully understand the enterprise philosophy of "exquisite working and invigorating industry for building the country".

At present, Xingqi Pharm is not a global excellent enterprise yet, but I believe we will become an excellent enterprise in the global ophthalmology manufacturing industry within twenty years. The success of xingqi comes from the efforts and dedication of every staff. Any person without responsibility who is not good at cooperation and cannot work actively has almost lost the opportunity of development in enterprise. Therefore, please consider your own choice deliberately before joining Xingqi Pharm.

Opportunity always prefers people working in a thoroughgoing manner. In Xingqi Pharm, the company will provide an open development platform for every staff. If you have management potential, we will cultivate you as a management talent; if you have technical expertise, we will cultivate you as an expert of a certain position.

Concentration is a force. We believe only when completely focusing on a limited working face, practice can make perfect to obtain success. It is very difficult to completely grasp a technology in this modern society with rapid development of science. Learning everything and doing everything mean that you can never be proficient in anything. Therefore, you should treat all jobs you are doing very sincerely, and when you make all efforts in doing the job, you must be interested in it.

Every staff should understand that you can never raise salary and get promotion by giving gifts to your boss, and such a custom is definitely prohibited. In Xingqi Pharm, work performance is the best gif that you send to your boss. Our principle is ability determines treatment, and examination decides level.

New staff entering in R&D and production center should start from clean-keeping and from the basic level no matter what position you will take in the future. Xingqi Pharm will never promote a person who has no work experience in basic level to be a manager. 

Responsibility is an attitude. No matter at present or in the future, we will meet problems in job. In Xingqi Pharm, the best way to handle problem is to follow "three not-letting-off" principle that is, don' t let off the responsible person for the problem, don' t let off the reason to the problem, and don' t let off the problem solution.

As the staff of Xingqi Pharm, we should keep in mind all the time that state, national, and enterprise interests are always higher than everything. Anything that beneficial to the country and the company deserves our full efforts because "we are responsible to invigorate industry for building the country. No leader will deeply trust staff without responsibility, and only few people can withstand the test of major principle issues. I always say that, "moral quality determines small things, while capability decide great events." We can see if a staff really has responsibility on enterprise from small things. This is also an important aspect in staff evaluation.

Active work is a realm. The American steel king Carnegie said that there are two kinds of people will accomplish nothing, one is the person who will never work actively unless others ask; the other is the person who cannot do anything well even if others ask.

Your activity decides your progress and development in our company. What is activity? It is that you are doing the appropriate thing that nobody asks you to. Active work is happy, someone having custom to have spirit of active work always forget food and sleep once upon taking over any work; while others require cultivating the custom of active work. If you think you have no enough spirit of active work, you should ask yourself to do work actively in careful and responsible altitude. Therefore, active work can be your custom and staff' s virtue.

An excellent staff should act like this: he will always makes efforts in working no matter the leader is present or not. Only staff who work actively and have aggressiveness can win favor from fate and find their own position in workplace more easily to obtain success.

In hi-tech industry, sustainable learning ability decides the comprehensiveness of enterprise. Therefore, we should learn the delicate work spirit from German enterprises and innovative spirit from American enterprises, and learn advantages from all excellent enterprises in the whole world. We can only keep a foothold and make progress in future fierce international competition by continuous learning.

In Xingqi Pharm the company will develop various educational and training activities as plan to help you realize self-improvement and self-enhancement. External cause is always varying, while the internal cause is fundamental. Therefore, everyone should cultivate active learning custom and train their own self-study ability. Working in Xingqi Pharm , the company will provide some essential living services. If we are not perfect enough to reach your requirements, we are very sorry. Meanwhile, we wish you can cherish resources to cultivate good virtue of saving.

"When Heaven is about to confer a great office on any man, it first exercises his mind with suffering", so we have to accept the challenge from fate and sustain the test that feeling upset even when doing good to move forward relentlessly. Without certain bearing capacity and experiencing several difficulties, how can we become a man of tremendous promise? The fate is grasped by yourself!

You will certainly create infinite strength by continuously cultivating your own responsibility and spirit of active work. I believe Xingqi Parm will certainly realize our honor and idea of "being the enterprise of ophthalmologic drug research and manufacturing with global competitiveness" by our joint efforts!


Shenyang Xingqi Pharmaceutical co., Ltd.

Chairman Liu Jidong