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- Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation carries out the “Restoring Vision” Charitable Project

On May 28, 2012, Xu Fengqin, Chairman of the Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Labor Union and other two people visited and condoled the aged Zhang Xiuhua, who accepted Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation’s donation in the “Restoring Vision” Charitable Project. She went through artificial corneal transplantation in the ophthalmology ward of the Army General Hospital on behalf of Sinqi and its chairman Mr. Newsun, and was accompanied by Professor Gao Minghong, Ophthalmology Director of The Army General Hospital of the Shenyang Military.

Chairman Xu condoled the aged Zhang Xiuhua

In the hospital reception room, the aged Zhang Xiuhua held Chairman Xu Fengqin’s hands and appreciated Sinqi’s donation and long-term care for her two operations. She also expressed her gratitude to Mr. Newsun and Sinqi. Chairman Xu Fengqin carried out enthusiastic exchange and careful inquiry with the aged Zhang Xiuhua and the patient’s relatives. She also learned patient’s illness state and postoperative recovery from her attending doctor, and personally handed the surgical costs of RMB 15,000 for two operations to the aged Zhang Xiuhua.

 Courteous exchange with attending doctor and the patient

As an enterprise with strong social responsibilities and a sense of mission, the Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation carried out the “Restoring Vision” Charitable Project in 2011. It’s the first pharmaceutical enterprise that has subsidized blind patients to undergo artificial corneal transplantation in the whole process domestically. 

It’s the second time that the aged Zhang Xiuhua accepted Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation’s full donation as the aided person in the “Restoring Vision” Charitable Project.

It’s said that patient Zhang Xiuhua, 68 years old, has become blind for more than two decades who comes from Jilin. Her husband has been dead for many years and she only has an unmarried daughter, who leads a difficult life. Before coming to The Army General Hospital of Shenyang Military, she experienced several corneal transplantations but failed before.

In December 2011, the aged Zhang Xiuhua sought medical consultation in The Army General Hospital of Shenyang Military with hope. However, due to her long-term disease and the postoperative complications of corneal transplantations, her intraocular structure was severely destroyed and her corner was stuck. After hospital experts’ consultation, they decided to carry out artificial corneal transplantations for the patient.

However, Zhang Xiuhua hesitated due to high fees. After learning the news, Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation promptly aided her by offering the entire fee of RMB 35,000 so that she can finish the operation. The postoperative operation was very smooth, helping the aged Zhang Xiuhua recover her sight with vision reaching 0.1.

In December 2011, Sinqi donated RMB 35,000 to the patient

However, one month after the patient left the hospital, she knocked her eyes by accident at home, and then severe complications appeared, including artificial cornea displacement, fundus hemorrhage, vitreous body water and retinal detachment. As for such a complicated operation, more fees and higher risks were unavoidable in the secondary operation. While confronting the situation, the patient gave up treatment.

After getting the news, Mr. Newsun, Chairman of Sinqi, determined to aid her secondary treatment, and invited experts to do an operation for the patient while cooperating with the hospital. Professor Zhang Maonian, Ophthalmologist of The General Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army came to Shenyang and carried out a retinal detachment operation for her in person. As one of the rare hospitals taking the lead in carrying out such an operation in the whole army and Northeast area of China, The Army General Hospital of the Shenyang Military offered complete operational support for it. Luckily, the operation was very successful and Zhang Xiuhua’s vision gradually recovered to the level it was after the first operation. The success greatly guaranteed the patient’s quality of life in the future.

Patient’s sincere appreciation letter

Professor Gao Minghong was so glad to find that Zhang Xiuhua could recover her sight and highly praised Sinqi’s strong desire and wholehearted efforts in its charitable career. At the same time, he expressed his appreciation for Sinqi’s charitable act of donating to patients in poverty on behalf of the hospital.

Chairman Xu and Director Gao in the photo

According to the introduction by Professor Gao Minghong, cornea disease mainly takes place in vast rural areas. Due to their poor life, their economic sources can’t be guaranteed. In the meanwhile, corneal transplantation requires abundant fees. Though artificial cornea materials are donated by foreign countries at present, operation fees are quite high, and patients can’t afford them. Every year, a lot of patients can’t undergo corneal transplantation because of the fees, so they lose the chance of being cured. Finally, their eyeballs have to be removed. Besides, due to the difficulty and risk of operations, fewer than 50 artificial corneal transplantations are successful each year in China.

Background Materials:

In 2006, Sinqi founded the Corporate Sunshine Foundation under the positive advocacy of Chairman Mr. Newsun. In July 2009, Mr. Newsun personally contributed RMB 1 million to upgrade it to the Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation. Based on creating a love platform for being concerned with and helping internal corporate staff, the foundation is a social welfare foundation for caring about and helping vulnerable social groups.

Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. gathers all of its power by paying back through social welfare activities, allowing Sinqi to show its bright love. From the foundation’s donation and care, it fulfills its historical mission as a national enterprise and displays the enterprise spirit of industrial return. It shows the corporate philosophy of “operating health and bringing brightness” with its love and philanthropic acts.

 Emblem of the Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation