Release time: 2019-01-11   author: SINQI

1. Objective:

Fulfilling charity is an enterprise’s obligation to society. A lot of people are in need of help around us. We should collect everyone’s power and gather more donations. Therefore, our world will be full of love and we can lead a happier life!

2. Introduction to the Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation:

Founded in July 2009, the Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation was created with a capital contribution of RMB 1 million by Mr. Newsun, Chairman and General Manager of the company, with its predecessor being the Sinqi Sunshine Foundation.

In 2006, the Sinqi Sunshine Foundation was established. It received donations of RMB 492199.4 in total from the company and staff from its foundation until June 30, 2009. The company has participated in many social relief actions on numerous occasions, such as donating money and goods in the Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake, bringing warmth to children in the Shenyang Children’s Welfare Association and contributing love to company staff and poor families in society. It has aided 51 people in total with the donation amount reaching RMB 423336.26. By June 30, 2009, the Sunshine Foundation’s balance of RMB 68863.14 was shifted to the Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation.

In July 2009, the Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation was formally founded, signifying a new period of the company’s charitable relief actions and the Sinqi staff’s determination and confidence in shouldering social responsibilities.

3. Emblem of the Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation

 4. Organizational Structure of the Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation

Honorary Chairman: Newsun

Chairman: Xu Fengqin

Audit: Cheng Yanan

Accounting: Ma Fengming

Cashier: Wang Jun

Management Council: Tang Hai, Wang Huimin, Wang Dongya

5. Foundation Applications:

Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation mainly supports studying, medicine and poverty to society and company staff.

1)Sinqi staff children’s college fees

2)Sinqi staff families’ hardship aid

3)Socially impoverished college students’ financial aid

4)Disaster area aid

5)“Restoring Vision” Project: “Operating health and bringing brightness” is the company tenet and the Sinqi staff’s responsibility. In order to help ophthalmological patients who can’t see doctors due to family poverty regain health and bring brightness to everyone, Shenyang Sinqi carried out the “Restoring Vision” Project that aims to offer economic aid to poor ophthalmological patients in society and let them get treated in a timely fashion.

6. Detailed Application Process:

1)Applicants fill in forms to apply (for the contents, please refer to the requirements in appendixes 35 and 36 of the Human Resources Management Manual)

2)Check the aided target families and social conditions

3)Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation Chairman approves

4)Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation issues