Release time: 2019-01-11   author: SINQI

On December 6, 2012, the “China Medical University – Sinqi Pharmaceutical Pharmacy Award Fund” Signing Ceremony was held at China Medical University. Gao E, Vice General Manager of Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Tang Hai, Director of the R&D Center, Ma Fengming, Vice Chairman of the Labor Union, Professor Wei Minjie, Dean of the College of Pharmacy of China Medical University, Cui Zeshi, Secretary of the General Party Branch of the College of Pharmacy, Qu Zhuangkai, Head of the Students’ Affairs Office, Sun Jingfen, Vice President of the Graduate School, Wang Fei, Vice Director of the General Accounting Branch, and other leaders attended the signing ceremony. Besides, almost 40 persons including competent leaders of professional teaching and research offices such as Medical Chemistry, Drug, Crude Drugs, Drug Dose and Clinical Pharmacology, young and middle-aged teachers from the College of Pharmacy, student representatives and others from college offices attended the ceremony.

Secretary Cui Zeshi hosted the signing ceremony

Professor Wei Minjie, Dean of the College of Pharmacy of China Medical University, delivered an ardent speech at the ceremony. She extended her sincere appreciation to Sinqi on behalf of the school and college. She expressed that the scholarship is a good opportunity for cultivating students, boosting the industry-university-research cooperation of the College of Pharmacy, strengthening the combination of schools and enterprises, and improving R&D strength. Dean Wei wished to take this opportunity to further deepen and strengthen cooperation, and strive to develop students into talent and cultivate a new generation of successors in the pharmacy cause. She also hoped that students from China Medical University can be grateful, down to earth, study hard and return to society.

According to the agreement, the Sinqi Pharmaceutical Pharmacy Award Fund should be awarded to excellent undergraduates and graduates in character and learning who have formally registered at China Medical University and on-the-job excellent young and middle-aged teachers beginning in 2012. The annual award reaches RMB 50,000 and it has been set up for 5 consecutive years until 2016. The Sinqi Pharmaceutical Pharmacy Award Fund is the first special scholarship donated by an enterprise and established by China Medical University for pharmacy.

Dean Wei Minjie and Vice General Manager Gao E signed the agreement on behalf of both parties

At the signing ceremony, Ms. Gao E, Vice General Manager of Sinqi, delivered a speech. First of all, she expressed her gratitude to China Medical University and the College of Pharmacy for their trust on behalf of Mr. Newsun, Chairman and General Manager of Sinqi. She mentioned that China Medical University has delivered abundant talent to medical science and pharmacy causes for years as a famous institution of higher education in China. As a first-class ophthalmology enterprise in China, Sinqi attaches great importance to the development of medical universities. While keeping a foothold in the development of pharmacy causes, Sinqi fulfills its responsibility of returning to society. She hoped to help excellent undergraduates smoothly finish their studies by establishing this kind of scholarship, and wishes to promote disciplined talent construction and cultivation in schools and colleges, including echelon construction. In the meanwhile, she desired that students and young and middle-aged teachers can take the scholarship opportunity to determine their ambitions, study hard, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, look for truth and be practical, and keep making progress in both academia and research. She believes that Sinqin and the school will carry out more in-depth cooperation in the future under joint efforts, and will make contributions to the development and expansion of the country’s pharmacy and medical industries.

Dr. Tang Hai introduced the company’s situation

At the signing ceremony, Dr. Tang Hai, Director of the Sinqi R&D Center, introduced the development situation of Sinqi, and detailed planning and objectives of the company during the 12th Five-year Plan period to present teachers and students from China Medical University. He also carried out exchanges and discussions on corporate development and ophthalmic R&D from multiple aspects with students and young and middle-aged teachers.